Coffee capsule system 

Coffee capsule system

The coffee’s aroma is preserved from the moment the powder is sealed in the capsule.
From plant to coffee in cup, it will be fresh as ever.
Whether it's the pure Italian espresso or various coffees based on Italian espresso,
it always gives you a delicious moment of great pleasure.

The secret to perfect exceptional quality

  • Professional filling

    Professional filling

    Through the journey of coffee, all delicious origins are clearly visible in Barsetto's capsule. By accurately calculating the optimal cup volume, and filling the freshest and best quality coffee powder into capsules, we appropriately and professionally press and extract the coffee.

  • Technology to preserve freshness

    Technology to preserve freshness

    How to preserve the freshness of coffee powder? We keep this in mind when designing the Double•S packaging system. The first layer of protection: the food-grade capsule is made of PP and sealed with aluminum film to effectively block out external light and heat; the second layer of protection: seal with aluminum foil to preserve 900 kinds of coffee aroma in the capsule.

  • Essence extraction

    Essence extraction

    Thanks to our patented 3D pressurized extraction technology, the powder in the capsule can maintain the same high quality from beans to cup. By applying the micropore technology and innovatively designed capsule shape, the system accurately controls the temperature and flow rate, extracts in two stages the coffee powder under the pressure of 20bar in Barsetto capsule machine so that the essence of coffee powder can be fully released to ultimately present a perfect espresso with velvety, full-bodied and long-lasting crema.