The birth of coffee 

The start of perfect coffee

Starts from the strict control to every detail
Which is the essential step to ensure the perfect quality of Barsetto 
That is how we do 

Starting with the coffee cherries

We actively search all over the world to find the best coffee cherries from growers who excel in producing high quality coffee, to ensure that each coffee bean meets our quality standards.

  • Coffee producing region

    Coffee producing region

    Barsetto attaches great importance to the selection of coffee producing region. All coffee cherries must come from world-famous tropical coffee producing regions, ranging from 1,000 to 2,500 meters above sea level, such as: Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, India, etc.

  • Selection and harvest

    Selection and harvest

    With the selection and harvest system, the coffee farmers manually pick out coffee cherries of the same ripeness one by one. Though this process requires much time and effort, the result is that each coffee bean is of the same high quality.

  • A journey across oceans

    A journey across oceans

    The selected premium coffee beans are packed into 60kg sacks and transported to the Barsetto roasting center in Turin, Italy. Before arrival, we will check the quality again and only the best coffee beans will stay. arrival, we will check the quality again, and only the best coffee beans will be used.

  • Precise blending

    Precise blending

    The selected high-quality coffee beans will be blended by our Italian experts in accordance with the coffee beans’ characteristics, under the most precise control of blending and proportion. Barsetto's unique recipe is able to meet all the preference for different tastes and styles: mellow, sweet, balanced, full-bodied and so on.

  • Coffee roasting

    Coffee roasting

    By always adhering to the traditional Italian coffee roasting process and baking methods, with precise time and temperature control, Barsetto brings out the coffee beans’ unique aroma.
    Faithfully adhering to the traditional Italian coffee roasting process, with precise control of time and temperature, Barsetto enhances the unique aroma of coffee beans.

  • Coffee grinding

    Coffee grinding

    Only finely and evenly ground coffee can ensure a cup of genuine Espresso. By using the latest Italian grinding system and the best quality, our coffee capsule system extracts all the coffee essence in just a few seconds. 

  • Sealed aroma

    Sealed aroma

    The coffee powder is sealed in our convenient, easy-to-use capsules. The secret of keeping Barsetto capsules fresh lies in the its unique Double•S packaging system. The coffee’s aroma is retained from the moment the powder is sealed in the capsule.